FormOptik flashlights

FormOptik Focus

Flashlights of the series Focus are small pocket flashlights. Despite their small size, Focus flashlights shine brightly, since they have CREE LED (Light Emitting Diode) XP-E with a maximum light output of 110 Lm. Unlike ordinary bulbs, CREE LED hardly needs to be replaced because it is provided to operate over 100,000 hours. A tail cup switch button of the flashlights allows simply and quickly to choose the necessary function among high output/ low output / strobes. With the ability to manually adjust the focus by changing the width of the beam, the flashlights enable to illuminate objects in front of you, and also located at ten-meter distances. They are protected from moisture by the sealing rings located in the joints of the flashlight parts. Flashlights of the series Focus come supplied in a plastic box with a full set of instructions, batteries, and lanyard.