FormOptik flashlights


FormOptik flashlights are created by designers and constructors of SmarTech Point Inc. The company’s field of activity is the creation and production of various lighting tools, including flashlights, whose use is assumed in complicated and even extreme conditions. Smart Tech Point Inc. entered the market with its FormOptik brand of flashlights a few years ago. FormOptik flashlights quickly won the heart of buyers due to their original design, advanced engineering solutions, superior lighting performance, reliability and functionality.


FormOptik flashlights use high-intensity powered CREE LED with 100,000 hours of lifespan. Although a flashlight's primary purpose is illumination, SmarTech Point Inc. pays a lot of attention to the construction and shape of the flashlight’s body. Most of the models are large and heavy enough to be used as a club or baton. They are made of aerospace-grade aluminum and anodized for durability. FormOptik flashlights are designed in such a way that allows them to be used at low temperatures and during heavy rainfall. They are protected from impact and dirt. All series of FormOptik are tailored mainly to those who need reliable (and at the same time) bright flashlights convenient to use, and able to work in virtually any conditions. Wherever reliability, functionality, innovation and performance are appreciated - in the hands of police, customs officers, private security guards, and truck drivers carrying goods over long distances - you will find FormOptik flashlights.